Small space workout

Small space workout

Tricep dips on chair:
Start by sitting down on the chair and then slowly moving your hands to the sides of the chair and sliding your butt off. Balance with your arms holding you up and your legs bent to support you as well. Be sure to keep your back flat. Your elbows should point back, not out, and you want to push with the palms of your hands. Also keep in mind that the weight should also be distributed to your heels, not your toes. As you push down onto the chair, slowly extend your arms and then dip back down. That is one rep, do 10 reps for 3 sets. To modify, shorten your range, or keep your butt closer to the chair.

Seated Squats:
Start by standing with feet hip width apart and arms relaxed by your sides. Sit down into your chair by bringing the weight into your heels and then standing right back up. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed and your chest is tall. If you want to increase the intensity, you can raise your arms to shoulder height as you lower into the chair. Repeat this 20 times for 2 sets. Sitting down and getting up in your chair with proper form can be a great work out!

Arm pulses:
Stand up tall and raise your arms from your sides. With your palms facing up, pulse up and down. Be sure to open your hands all the way and use resistance. Then, switch by having your palms face down, front, and to the back. Do 15 pulses with your palms facing each way.

Plank Twist:
Start with hands and knees on the ground and a flat back. Curl your toes underneath and lift your knees so you are in plank. Have your shoulders in line with your wrists and keep your head up. Then, lift one arm and bring one knee to the opposite elbow that is released for a crunch. Place the foot and hand back down to a plank for a reset and then switch to the other side. To modify, do this on your knees. Do 10 repetitions for 2 sets

— Eliza S., University of Massachusetts Amherst